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A geothermal or "ground source" heat pump is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat storage ability of the earth to heat and cool your home. 

What is a geothermal heat pump? 

Top reasons you'll love geothermal. 

-The most efficient heating and cooling system on earth. 

-Without an outdoor unit, it's engineered to be as quiet as possible. 

-Consistent temperature year-round

-The most environmentally friendly system. 

-Low maintenance. 

-Freedom from fossil fuels.

-Extremely durable. Ground loops last as long as 100 years and the indoor units up to 25 years. 

What are the different types of earth loops?


This is the most commonly used loop. Excavation equipment is used to create trenches for the loops. The trenches are approx 3 feet wide, 5 feet deep and 8 feet apart on center. Earth loop length depends on the size of your geothermal system. Loops average 100 feet per ton. 


Utilized when a body of water is available. Coils of pipe are placed on the bottom of the pond. The pond must be a minimum of 8 foot deep at all times for adequate temps. 


This is the most expensive installed loop but is advantageous when space is limited. Equipment is used to drill holes four inches wide and between 100 and 400 feet deep. 


Instead of circulating a solution through a closed loop, this system uses groundwater for the heat exchange process, then directs it into drainage after use. This process works well if you have very high quality ground water. Make sure to have your water tested before deciding on the loop system. Bad water quality can damage your geothermal unit. 

Geothermal questions? Email: dona@geothermalforyou.com

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